• 292017/03

    Selection of bearing type

      for a production enterprise, the bearings are an important part of the essential. however, there are thousands of kinds of models also have hundreds of thousands of more, so use the unit should be how to choose bearing types? sen qi here bearing the companys technicians to the customer about ...

  • 292017/03

    What are bearing

      when talking about bearings, our favorite is the study of the bearing, in fact it is because of this bearing should be high quality, and when using these bearings will be easier. however, the application of bearings in machinery industry mainly from thoseareas have very important applications...

  • 292017/03

    Characteristics of tapered roller bearing

      tapered roller bearings, due to the lateral position of the rolling element (cone) cancapture in rolling mill as well as axial and radial forces, double row of four-row tapered roller bearings. tapered roller bearings are separable; inner and outer rings can be installed separately. if the ta...

  • 282017/03

    How to determine the life of the bearing system

      when it comes to rolling bearing life, engineers will often ask the question:  "you said the life of the rolling bearing?"  "how do you know when are you going to host the end of life?"  "this is when the bearing stops running?"  "this is when the bearings r...

  • 282017/03

    Mechanical bearing a symptom of failure

      mechanical bearings used in the process, "what sign, bearing is doomed to be damaged?"  a bearing failure in the machine has four stages:  in the first phase (or early detection using vibration analysis), the signal will appearin the frequency band of approximately 250 to 350,000 kh...