• 292017/03

    What are bearing

      when talking about bearings, our favorite is the study of the bearing, in fact it is because of this bearing should be high quality, and when using these bearings will be easier. however, the application of bearings in machinery industry mainly from thoseareas have very important applications...

  • 282017/03

    How to determine the life of the bearing system

      when it comes to rolling bearing life, engineers will often ask the question:  "you said the life of the rolling bearing?"  "how do you know when are you going to host the end of life?"  "this is when the bearing stops running?"  "this is when the bearings r...

  • 272017/03

    Bearing material introduction

      using different materials all bearing parts bearing industry production. materials forprocessing, in order to achieve ideal performance, maximize performance and service life of the bearing. the material described here is the most commonly used. more information information-european high si b...

  • 262017/03

    Bearing maintenance tips

      ten simple maintenance tips to make bearings for maximum bearing performance.  avoid overheating  dont flame direct contact with the bearing during the installation and operation of heat. holding a heated fixed to the cooling of the bearing, otherwise, the bearings can be an early departure t...

  • 262017/03

    When to replace car bearings

      when to replace car bearings  all bearings have a limited life, auto bearing is no exception, even very reliable quality of imported bearings have a certain life span, then the car bearing the time takento replace? sen qi below technicians tell you a little about the car bearing replacement t...