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  When to replace car bearings

  All bearings have a limited life, auto bearing is no exception, even very reliable quality of imported bearings have a certain life span, then the car bearing the time takento replace? Sen qi below technicians tell you a little about the car bearing replacement time.

  First of all, automobile bearings need to be replaced is the presence of certain signs, signs including loose, vibration and the lack of grease. Although the bearing can be relubricated again after again to install, but because cars bearing the lack of grease running over, it already exists a certain curse again could quickly damage after installation.

  Test and check the bearing

  To test a car's wheel bearings, raise the wheel trailers safely to dock it with the wheels off the ground. Wheels should not be rocking side to side, and should rotate smoothly, and there is no abnormal sound. If you find any anomaly should be auto bearings check them for signs of damage.

  Special considerations for

  Auto wheel bearings stagnant for a long time, which can increase the corrosion. Check that has stalled the car for a long time. Such as cars are often driving Wade, which can further increase the likelihood of corrosion. Special marine grease should be used, which is conducive to protection of automotive wheel bearings.


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