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  Ten simple maintenance tips to make bearings for maximum bearing performance.

  Avoid overheating

  Don't flame direct contact with the bearing during the installation and operation of heat. Holding a heated fixed to the cooling of the bearing, otherwise, the bearings can be an early departure the appropriate location.

  Use the right tools

  Induction heating, oil, and hydraulic nuts between specialized tools are available forbearing installation and removal. These tools to speed up the process of installation/removal and the possibility of lower bearing damage.

  Handle with care always is a precision bearing components. Small cracks and gapswill cause bearing performance and ultimately bearing failure. Do not use sharp objects in contact with bearing, not directly against the pound or ring of the bearing. Do not install the bearing have been dropped or mishandled. Store level bearing in adry, clean place in its original packaging. To avoid bearing airborne contaminants, such as dust can cause premature failure of the Raceway.

  Check the shaft and housing

  Always check the size and physical installation of the bearing shaft and in the housing. Check if there is any damage, use sandpaper to remove nicks and burrs, wipe clean with a soft cloth. Axis is placed in a vise installation should prevent Chela of brass, copper, or soft metal.

  Replace the bearing

  Bearing replacement bearings replace the same. Bearing identification usually occurs in the bearing and/or packaging. If there is any uncertainty to replace the bearingmanufacturer part number verification.

  Bearing press mounting

  In the press-fit operation of bearings, pressure should be applied only to ring pressfit. Pressure no pressure injury to the ring raceway.

  Do not wash the new bearing

  Bearing manufacturer packaging and shipping of bearing, no dirt and preparing specific hosting requirements very carefully. Usually do not need to clean the bearings orremove protection against corrosion. When exceptions occur, you use synthetic polyurea grease or lubricating oil operations, use these lubricants may need to resist removal.

  Proper lubrication is the key

  Bearing manufacturers evaluate several factors in determining the specific bearing lubricant type is required, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.Check the lubrication lubricant levels constantly changing, at least once a year. Effects of temperature and pollution conditions relubrication intervals.

  Rotating box bearing

  Shaft fixed bearings installed on the device is vibration may result in false brinellingdamage. False hardness but also in equipment is not adequate protection, in the course of transport. Brinell hardness tests can appear as a bright polished in the depression and/or the outer ring and rolling elements. By periodically rotating bearings and prevention.

  Look for signs of danger

  Remember, these signs are not appropriate bearings run: excessive noise, vibrationand/or increase or temperature. Showing these symptoms should always check thedeterioration in the bearing and may be removed. Troubleshooting tools such as vibration, can help detect bearing thermometers.


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